client Centered
Digital Assets

Websites to Databases, Applications to Point-of-Sale – We offer a computational thinking solution for you and your business

Intelligent Design

From big business to small business, non-profit and startup, Kebotech handles your technology needs. Quite simply, we solve problems with technology.

Dynamic Solutions

We work with clients in all sectors but our favorite is working with individuals. By partnering with the person, we identify what is needed to propel the business.

So like seriously...
what do you do?

WordPress Sites. Tadabase apps. Automation in all sectors. 

Technology you can rely on
made by people you can trust

We aren’t the big guys. We are the down the road, reliable neighbor that has your back from day 0. 

What Makes Us Different

Fast and Efficient

Conversations not quotes. Planning before implementation. 

Experienced Professionals

We’ve got a person for every problem to solve making out network of professionals vast. 

Advanced Solutions

Sure we do websites. But we also manage complex apps. 

Competitive Prices

It’s just us. No middle, no hidden fees. Good work requires clear objectives.

Friendly & Reliable

Have you talked to us? People tend to like us because…well…we are people.

Convenient Hours

We aren’t a 9-5. Our hours exist when you need us. Unconventional but fitting.

Our Clients Say

We stick around

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

There isn’t a time limit. What we promise is what you get. If something breaks, we’ll fix it. And if you feel like you aren’t getting what you were promised, we’ll make it right. Cause it is the right thing to do. 

Have an idea for a project?

Schedule an Appointment. We love talking tech