who is kebotech

Not much of a mystery but still worth a conversation

Designing Websites since 2004

Our first website was just HTML. We’ve come a long way…

Dan, president

Accounting - Education - Technology Dan heads the company and oversees the majority of the development. Not afraid to seek outside help, Dan employs his network of professionals as needed to complete industry specific jobs. By Day, Dan teaches Computer Science at the High School and College level. By night, Dan develops web applications and sites.

Kebo Certified Dog

The muse of the company, Kebo enjoys long naps and lounging in the sun. As a rescue dog originally from Kentucky, Kebo eventually met Dan in Pennsylvania. They quickly became best friends and Kebotech was born. While Kebo doesn't actively participate in development, he does greet many clients

We Are Committed to Exceptional Customer Service and Getting the Job Done Right!

We won’t just create and run. We love being around from launch to revision to everything in between. When we partner together we are just that…partners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our typical process is a phone call or in-person meet. Then we’ll establish what needs to be done. We’ll create a proposal, then a contract and then we’ll start building. 

Probably our number one question. Bidding web design isn’t cookie cutter. Each design is different for both time, resources and content. Your best bet is to contact us and we’ll work with you to get you the numbers. 

If someone from Tadabase referred you, chances are you need a web application built. We’ll start by meeting with you and getting an idea for what you’d like to create. From there, we’ll bid the job. If you are on board with our proposal, we’ll get to building!

Ready to start?

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